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What Is a Vented Propane Fireplace?

A vented propane fireplace represents the happy medium between the expensive, traditional fireplace with a chimney, and the cheap but dangerous unvented propane fireplace. Like the unvented propane fireplace, the vented propane fireplace doesn't require the installation of a proper chimney, and it doesn't require the purchase of wood logs since it runs directly from your own propane line. However, unlike the former option, the vented fireplace requires either a basic roof-line vent or a pipe vent, making it more expensive but infinitely safer than the unvented option. Read below to discover the different types of vented propane fireplaces, in order to decide which one is right for you.

Natural Vent Propane Fireplace

This type of vented propane fireplace requires the installation of a direct roof-line vent. It can also be hooked up to an already existing chimney. This type of fireplace has an attractive, natural-looking flame, but unfortunately it loses most of its heat through the vent, so its primary purpose is decorative as opposed to functional.

Direct Vent Propane Fireplace

The direct vent propane fireplace is slightly more expensive and labor-intensive to install, but is far more heat efficient than the natural vent type. It has about 85% as much heat efficiency as a traditional furnace. This type of fireplace requires the installation of a double pipe vent that runs through the walls; one pipe brings in the propane, while the other vent channels out any humidity and dangerous fumes. This fireplace also has an attractive, realistic flame, while providing the most heat efficiency for fireplaces of its type.