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Tips for Choosing a Propane Fireplace Insert for Your Home

When choosing a propane fireplace insert, it's always best to do a little advance planning.

Look Beyond Appearance

Although your first instinct may be to go with the sharpest looking propane fireplace insert, be sure you're also practical while shopping. For example, be certain the one you choose is the right size to fit your needs. That means the best model will not only fit the length and width of your fireplace, but also put out the proper amount of heat. To be prepared when shopping, first size up the width, depth and height of your fireplace.

Consider Heat Output

If an insert doesn't produce the required heat output, it won't heat your room properly. Insert output is measured in BTUs, or "British Thermal Units" per hour. On the average, inserts are manufactured to put out between 30,000 and 85,000 BTUs or more. Keep in mind, then, that the bigger your room, the more BTUs per hour you'll need to get out of your insert.

Work with a Knowledgeable Dealer

It would do you well to consult with a knowledgeable dealer when it comes to finding the proper fireplace insert size. Such an expert can then help you think through factors, such as how well your home is insulated, and whether or not the fireplace will be used for supplementary or primary heat.

If you take these planning steps into consideration, you'll be well on your way to purchasing the perfect propane fireplace insert.