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Reasons Why Your Gas Fireplace Pilot wont Stay Lit

If you have a gas fireplace pilot light, then you will expect to see it functioning all the time. However, it can be the case that sometimes your pilot light will go out, and refuse to come back on. If this happens, then you should not try repeatedly to light the pilot, as it is suggesting that there is a bigger problem in your system.

Gas not Reaching the Pilot

The main reason for the pilot light not coming on in a newish gas fireplace is that the gas is not reaching the spark. There may be a few explanations for this. Check that your gas is delivering correctly to the fireplace, and also use your nose to check for a gas leak. If you smell a problem, open all of the windows, and turn off any electrical appliances. Call a gas engineer. Other problems include a dirty nozzle, which will need to be washed with warm water, and a problem with your gas supply from the company.

Pilot has no Spark

Another important reason for the gas not lighting is that the spark to ignite the gas is not working. This may be a sign of age, in which case you will need to have it replaced by an expert, or it may be part of a more serious problem. Check with your gas fireplace supplier if you cannot fix the pilot light.