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Propane Fireplace Pros and Cons

A propane fireplace is becoming much more common in America today. Many people find that a propane fireplace adds a great deal to their home. There is also less hassle and less mess with a propane fireplace than with a traditional wood fireplace. There are good points and bad points in relation to a propane fireplace.

No Wood Equals Less Mess
A propane fireplace does not require the use of wood. The only thing that you need is propane. This makes them much cleaner to use. There is no soot or ashes to worry about. There is no need to chop wood and deal with the mess that goes along with it. However, you do have to purchase propane. This can become expensive over time. You may also have to make modifications to your home to be able to install a propane fireplace.

Installation of a propane fireplace can be difficult. It takes quite a bit of time to install a fireplace. There are also a variety of things that you need to be careful about when performing the installation. Most wood burning fireplaces can be installed in less than an hour. It can take a significantly longer time to install a propane fireplace. There is also a lot more work involved. If the fireplace is not installed correctly, you will have problems and it will not operate correctly. You could find yourself having to tear everything out and start the installation over.

A propane fireplace can have a real look to it. It can be nearly impossible to distinguish between a propane fireplace and an actual wood burning fireplace. There are many inserts that have a very real look to them. They make the fire appear as though it is burning the logs. If you want the realistic design and feel, you are able to get that with a propane fireplace.

Propane for your fireplace can be expensive. It is often more expensive to buy propane than it is to buy wood for a wood burning fireplace. You also have to have either a direct line run to the fireplace or you will have to purchase portable propane tanks. If you are stocking up for a long winter, it can be inconvenient and much more expensive to purchase propane tanks and then try to find places to store them. If you only purchase one tank, you run the risk of running out of fuel. If the propane fireplace is your sole source of heat, this can create many problems.

In summary, there are many pros and cons to purchasing a propane fireplace. You should look at all of your options and decide what will be best for your particular needs. While there is a little bit more expense involved with a propane fireplace, this is often made up for with the hassle free design and less mess than a wood burning fireplace. Propane fireplaces are often more convenient and practical for many people.