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Portable Electric Fireplace: A Guide to Room Specs

An electric fireplace is a wonderful addition to any home. The aesthetic value is almost as warming as the heat it will produce. There are a few things to consider about the room before you fall in love with any particular model.


Consider the design of the room and where you will want the fireplace in the room. Today, your choices for an electric fireplace range from pot belly stove to the handcrafted Amish design and beyond.

Location Space

Measure the area or wall where the fireplace will reside. Most electric fireplaces have a 0 clearance level. However, check before purchasing, if you want the fireplace to be flush against a wall or fit into a tight area. Also consider the power source. You do not want your fireplace to operate on a long extension cord.

Room Size

Standard electric fireplaces come in a range from 700 watts to 1500 watts, 2300 BTU’s to 5000 BTUs, respectively. With 5000 BTUs you can warm approximately a 400 square foot room.

Electrical Load

While many electrical fireplaces are energy efficient some are not. The outlet you will use for the electric fireplace should not be on the same circuit, as say, your refrigerator. It can cause an overload to the circuit. Always check manufacturer’s instructions. Typically, your fuse box is marked with the appliances used on each circuit.