Ventless Propane Fireplace

Kerosene Heater Safety

Natural Gas Fireplace Insert Buying Tips

Pellet Stove Vent Basics

Repairing a Natural Gas Line to a BBQ

Setting Up and Using a Halogen Heater

The Benefits of Direct Vent Gas Fireplaces

Troubleshooting Halogen Heaters

Vent Damper Installation

What Is a Gas Fireplace Thermocouple?

What Is a Ventless Propane Fireplace?

Installing a Direct Vent Gas Fireplace Insert


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What to Look for When Buying a Baseboard Heater

A baseboard heater is an ideal source of heat when considering low cost of installation and convenience in such appliances. Since it requires very little space, this device can be used in many different settings in the home, such as a bedroom, living area or office. It functions quietly and can be controlled to provide warmth... read more >>

What Is a Ventless Propane Fireplace?

Unlike a traditional fireplace, a ventless propane fireplace doesn't require any sort of flue or chimney to funnel smoke out of the room. This type of fireplace doesn't require special logs or other types of combustibles, but instead draws directly from your home propane line. There are several aspects of the ventless propane fireplace... read more >>

What is the advantage of having a fireplace blower grate?

The main advantage of having a fireplace blower grate in your home is that it distributes the heat produced in the fireplace evenly throughout the room. This gives the room a perfect heater system and also allows you to have a lovely looking fireplace in your room. This reduces the amount of fuel consumption since you do not need... read more >>

What to Do if a Gas Fireplace Pilot Wont Stay On

You may find that your gas fireplace pilot just won't stay lit. Pilot light problems in gas appliances such as water heaters, furnaces and gas fireplaces are not uncommon. In most cases the fix is something simple and inexpensive. If you don't feel comfortable working with or around gas, then consult a professional contractor to... read more >>

What to Expect Buying Gas Fireplace Kits

Gas fireplace kits are now the way of the future for those who would like a new fireplace. If you do not know how to build your own fireplace, a kit is going to come in handy. There are hundreds of kits that you can look at, just make sure you know what to expect first.

The Cost
Price is going to place a big factor when... read more >>