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What Is a Vented Propane Fireplace?

A vented propane fireplace represents the happy medium between the expensive, traditional fireplace with a chimney, and the cheap but dangerous unvented propane fireplace. Like the unvented propane fireplace, the vented propane fireplace doesn't require the installation of a proper chimney, and it doesn't require the purchase of wood... read more >>

What is a Flue Pipe Heat Exchanger?

A flue pipe is a feature partisan to chimneys as it is constructed within a chimney using fireproof materials with the main purpose of carrying off combustible gases occurring within home heating installations like furnaces or fireplaces. Flue pipes get rid of these gases by emitting them to the atmosphere to limit or as a whole... read more >>

What Is a Gas Fireplace Thermocouple?

A gas fireplace thermocouple is often found among contemporary gas fireplaces. A thermocouple is an electronic safety device. It is used for ensuring safety of the ignition system and preventing fuel leakage.

Understanding Fireplace Thermocouples

Most gas fireplaces have a start-up mode to allow heating of the thermocouple.... read more >>

What Is a Natural Gas Regulator?

A natural gas regulator receives external gas from a line under very high pressure. It plays an important role in the safety of the people operating it, may it be in an industrial (furnace, gas engines and boilers) or commercial purpose (natural gas appliance). The regulator receives signals from a thermostat and would either... read more >>