Ventless Propane Fireplace

Kerosene Heater Safety

Natural Gas Fireplace Insert Buying Tips

Pellet Stove Vent Basics

Repairing a Natural Gas Line to a BBQ

Setting Up and Using a Halogen Heater

The Benefits of Direct Vent Gas Fireplaces

Troubleshooting Halogen Heaters

Vent Damper Installation

What Is a Gas Fireplace Thermocouple?

What Is a Ventless Propane Fireplace?

Installing a Direct Vent Gas Fireplace Insert


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What Is a Flexible Gas Line?

A flexible gas line is an improvement over the traditionally-used iron pipes that were used to supply gas to homes for years. The key difference is in the material used, and it has been proven to be a safe and efficient alternative for installing residential gas lines. Advantages to using these flexible gas lines include less labor... read more >>

Vent Damper Installation

A vent damper is a great way to save money on your heating costs. We all spend a large amount of money heating our homes throughout the winter so it seems pointless to allow a lot of this expensive energy to escape through the vents. Vents are designed to allow air into our house, but if this is cold it can have a negative effect... read more >>

Vented and Ventless Propane Fireplace Logs Explained

For those looking to have the authenticity of a real fire with the convenience of a gas heating system, the answer could be propane fireplace logs. These nifty little devices resemble wood logs, but are actually lit by gas. There are two different styles of gas log, the vented and ventless. How you choose between the two depends... read more >>

Vented vs Ventless Gas Fireplace Logs

There are two primary types of gas fireplace logs: vented and ventless logs. Both types of logs have their own advantages and benefits. Both are unique in their design and how they work.

Vented Log Basics

Vented logs have been on the market for over twenty years. These gas fireplace logs are the most popular on the market today.... read more >>

What is a Direct Vent?

A direct vent is great for those who want a fireplace, but the home cannot accommodate one. Here are a few things to consider about the direct vent that can help guide you in deciding if it is the right thing for your home.

Direct Vents Are Safe

The best thing about a direct vent is that it is safe. It will provide heat that... read more >>