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Safety Tips for Ventless Gas Fireplace Inserts

If you own a ventless gas fireplace inserts, here are some safety tips for you on its safe use and operation. A ventless gas fireplace insert is a type of fireplace insert that does not rely on the installation of pipes or vents in order to operate. This type of fireplace insert simply goes into an existing fireplace in the home... read more >>

Reasons Why Your Gas Fireplace Pilot wont Stay Lit

If you have a gas fireplace pilot light, then you will expect to see it functioning all the time. However, it can be the case that sometimes your pilot light will go out, and refuse to come back on. If this happens, then you should not try repeatedly to light the pilot, as it is suggesting that there is a bigger problem in your... read more >>

Repairing a Natural Gas Line to a BBQ

Connecting your BBQ grill directly to your home's gas line will save you the job of constantly refilling the gas cylinder, just like with the propane grill, but what should you do when it's not working correctly? Here are some tips for repairing the natural gas line to your BBQ grill. Follow these steps to continue enjoying the... read more >>

Safety, Efficiency and Ventilation Tips for Your Gas Fireplace

By Mary M. Alward

Choose an Efficient and Safe Gas Fireplace <

Venting a Gas Fireplace

When purchasing a gas fireplace, you will have to decide how it will be vented. This is very important as the vent removes combustion gasses from the fireplace to the outdoors.

The best option for both energy efficiency and safety is... read more >>

Safety Tips for Using Your Portable Heater

A portable heater is an appliance that usually heats up part of a home. A portable propane heater or electric heater provides several advantages. You do not have to waste energy and money heating up the entire house. If some of the members of your household are particularly sensitive to the cold, they can use a portable heater... read more >>